Safety Instead of Fear for Ana and Her Children

“I am the most afraid at night. I lay in bed and there is always something crackling. The house is moving” says 53-year old Ana. Even if there were no sounds, long yellowish tapes with which she tried to seal the cracks above her bed remind her that her home is falling apart. Literally. Fear…

REPORT: Western Balkans Refugee Response

This report provides a brief overview of World Vision’s work in Serbia during the Western Balkans Refugee Response from September 2015 to July 2016. Click here to access it.

CAMPAIGN: Where Are The Children?

In 2016,  I came up with an idea of an advocacy campaign ahead of local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The campaign played with the election motto of various political parties putting children rights in focus and asking the question: Where are the children?  Campaign advocated for three issues: 1) it asked media to be…

Turkish Students Take Refugee in Sarajevo

Banned from wearing headscarves on campus at their own country’s universities, Turkish women are finding sanctuary in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Zehra has an unusual reason for coming to study in Bosnia. It is not the academic reputation of Sarajevo’s political science faculty that attracted her, so much as its relaxed attitude to Islamic dress. “I…

Bosnian Film Challenges Old Stereotypes About Gays

“Go West” stirs angry debate with its unprecedented depiction of a gay love affair in wartime Bosnia. Sasha looks no different than any other Bosnian youth in his twenties. He is tall and well dressed. But in the last five months alone, he has been beaten up four times. His crime? He is a homosexual….