Up! Up! in Dubai



I was standing in a basket floating above the Dubai desert trying not to think that I was in the basket floating above the Dubai desert.

I was scared and the incredible, eerie silence around me just emphasized that feeling.

“There is a thick fog at the take off site, so we will probably have to wait a bit until it clears” said our guide when he picked us up from the hotel that morning. Thick fog? I tried not to panic, but I could feel the alarm go off inside me. I truly hoped the agency through which we booked the flight was not one of those who would make us fly in bad weather just not to lose some money.

“Safety first” I mumbled shyly in response “If the weather is bad, we should not fly”.

“We’ll see what awaits us at the site” he said.

“Safety first” I think I said it hundred times that day. My fear was that big, but wish to glide through the air was even bigger.

Once the fog cleared couple of hours later, I boarded the balloon, hooked myself up to the basket and felt it climb through the air in matter of seconds.

Yes, it was scary, but also peaceful.

And hot.

So hot sweat was dripping down our faces. Literally. And I am not exaggerating.

“Why is it so hot?” one of the tourists asked at loud keeping his head away from the flame as much as possible. I think we all had the same question.

“It’s a hot air balloon!” our captain replied cheerfully, especially emphasizing the word “hot”.

I had to smile. It was so obvious, but I had to wonder why none of us thought it would be incredibly hot in the hot air balloon. And why no one mentions it in tens of blogs I read as part of my preparations.

While my head burned, I watched dunes below me appear through the light fog.

It was magical.

I took in a deep breath and calmed my fear.

I was living my adventure.  My magical hot adventure!


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